Bullets over Heartache

You don’t see and then you do
A pool of red, amongst a hundred yard of shoreline
The spirit and bravery of those kids
You can’t imagine it
They died to save the world
And we trip
Then you come home from France
Get divorced
Then you die alone in your room
And you can’t feel your hands
Then you bring it all home
To that time you were small
Lying on garden rocks
Staring at the sky
Listening to the neighbors fight
But you’re ok
You think about college and how that’ll go
And sex
Then you can’t lay down in the garden
And later
You can’t walk up a flight of stairs
So you take a seat
And stare at something and think
Think about that one girl
Think about dad,
you can’t ever love him
Mom loves you
Does she love you?
I’m old
And like the color of roses and the blood in my arms
My eyes are red
And then melodic bells distract me
And slow rising moons and far away suns that fall slowly
I think about green hills
And the light that flickers off the green grass
The wind that passes generations
Do you know how I feel?
How I feel about you?

without a doubt I’d trade my life to be the breeze that flows between beautiful green mountain tops over all the old towns of the world


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Kids Crossing Stream


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Bill Evans Blue in Green


Been thinking about the battle of Britain. That’s a lot of bombs. I’m thinking about the bomb on the plane being flown by the father. A respectable man in different clothes. A man that loved his family. A man that had pictures of his daughter and his boys. He presses a button and the bomb falls, falls past all the blue in the sky, dodging the suns beams onto a little house next to an ammunition factory in east London. It explodes in a little girls room. She was 4. She loved her mommy and her daddy. Her skin was white and she use to have beautiful eyes.

In a few years, the house will be cleaned up. And a new house with a new family will live inside it. And everyone will want more…and more…and more.


I remember the first time I was on a beach at night. And there was a fire. And all you could hear was water.

Next year I might be flying a plane and there’s a battle. I don’t want to blow up that little boy. But sometimes you have to. Evil, how did it steal the end of the world?

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